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Be Clear about Your Goals

By Tammy Harrison

Why do you want to work from home? Do you know for sure?

I have been seeing and reading a lot of information about why a woman would want to work from home, and it has really made me sit down and take notes about the real reasons I have a home-based business.

Before going from a job outside of the home, to working from home, it is very important that you have some clear goals in mind, as well as your motivation behind those goals. Without knowing where you are and where you would like to go, you may fall into some of the stereotypical routines that befall (and fail) many home-based working moms.

Below are some suggestions for why you want a home-based business:

(1) Financial
(2) Creative outlet
(3) Remain in the competitive marketplace
(4) Boredom
(5) Entrepreneurial spirit
(6) Enjoy the challenges
(7) Retirement
(8) Friendship and networking
(9) You want to own something of your own
(10) To raise your children

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Now, create your own list of why you want to work from home, in order of importance to you. Then, with that list, get a bit more personal and open your list up to explain what it is you will have to do to achieve those goals. And, if you reach your goals, what's next?

It is very important for women, especially, to balance their personal and professional lives. Make sure that you are moving toward your idea of a balanced life without compromising your values, morals, children, relationships or yourself. It is very easy to under-achieve or over-achieve when you are working out of your home -- but, it is the continual review of your path and goals that will keep you feeling and being all that you want to be!

© Tammy Harrison
Tammy Harrison is the mother of four, and the Independent Creative Representative of Home-Based Working Moms.


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